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Premium Tracking Definitions

id - Tracking ID

created_at - The date and time the shipment was imported or added to Aftership

updated_at - The date and time the shipment was updated

tracking_number - Tracking Number

slug - Unique courier code (FedEx, UPS, GLS, etc)

customer_name - recipient name

delivery_time - Total delivery time in days.

destination_address - The recipient address

destination_country_name - 3 digit country code for recipient (i.e. USA)

destination_state - Recipient state

origin_address - Warehouse address

origin_country_name - 3 digit country code for origin

origin_state - The state the warehouse resides in

origin_city - The city the warehouse resides in

emails - recipient email

smses - recipient mobile phone number

note - text field for the note

order_id - A globally-unique identifier for the order

shipment_package_count - Number of packages under the tracking

shipment_pickup_date - The date the carrier made its initial scan

shipment_delivery_date - The date the carrier delivered the package

scheduled_delivery_date - The expected delivery date provided by the carrier

shipment_type - The carrier service type for the shipment

shipment_weight - Shipment weight value provided by carrier

shipment_weight_unit - The weight unit provided by the carrier

signed_by - Signed by information for delivered shipment

tag - current status of tracking

subtag - current subtag of tracking

title - by default this field shows the tracking number but can be customized to show any detail desired

last_checkpoint_time - Date/time of the latest event in tracking

last_checkpoint_message - Latest event message

return_to_sender - Whether the package has been returned or not

pickup_location - Shipment pickup location for receiver

source - Source of how this tracking is added

order_date - The date/time the order was created in your system

first_attempt_at - The date/time of the first delivery attempt

tracking_account_number - The shippers carrier account number

on_time_status - Whether the tracking is delivered on time or not

shipment_tags - Used to add tags to your shipments to help categorize and filter them easily